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The government says that with 593,000 people postponed to receive a second dose of the vaccine against Covid-19, there is no security for New Year's parties and carnival |  Pernambuco

The government says that with 593,000 people postponed to receive a second dose of the vaccine against Covid-19, there is no security for New Year’s parties and carnival | Pernambuco

Pernambuco still has 593,000 people on the second dose of the vaccine against COVID-19 Late, and according to the government, there is currently no health security for parties like New Year’s Eve and Carnival.

“Today there is no health security for large events that generate agglomeration,” said Health Minister Andre Longo, when asked about the realization of these events.

At a press conference held this Thursday (18) in the Palacio do Campo das Princesas, seat of government, in the central region of RecifeThe minister also said the current concern is related to the seasonality of respiratory viruses, which peak in the summer. The A large number of new cases of coronavirus infection in Europe Also lit a warning sign.

“Today, what matters to us is not the carnival, but the seasonality. In order that we do not, once again, have to undergo a retreat from the plan of coexistence and the suspension of activities, there is only one way, and that is to massively vaccinate the population before the arrival of seasonality, ”emphasized the secretary.

“We need to arrive in February with the best possible health conditions, for this we need more than 90% vaccination coverage with a second dose and at least 2 million people over 55 with a booster dose, plus health workers, for a possible third wave,” André Longo warned. .

The state Department of Health (SES-PE) Thursday released new genetic sequencing indicating the persistence and prevalence of the delta variant of Covid-19 above 90% in the state. The Institute of Aggeu Magalhães (IAM/Fiocruz PE) analyzed 126 samples from existing patients for Covid-19 virus and 124 (98.5%) had variable subtype delta and sublines.

Only two (1.5%) had a gamma variant. Samples were collected between late September and mid-October. The patients are from the municipalities of Caruaro, Dormentes, Viera Nova, Igaraso, Inaga, Jaboatão dos Guarabes, Lagoa Grande, Moreno, Olinda, Oroco, Oricuri, Paulista, Petrolina, Coipaba, Recife, Saljero, Santa Maria da Boa Vista, São Caetano and São Caetano and São Paulo. Do Belmonte, Ceretta and Triunfo.

Andre Longo said the country is waiting for new doses of Janssen to be sent by the Ministry of Health to start implementing the second dose in 173,000 people from Pernambuco who have been vaccinated with the Johnson & Johnson vaccine.

People aged 18 or over can receive a booster dose of the Covid-19 vaccine

The four-month period, agreed in advance, will remain for health workers and people over 55 years of age.

The doctor and representative of the Brazilian Society of Immunization, Eduardo Jorge da Fonseca, emphasized the importance of completing the vaccination schedule. “We hope by December of this year 90% of the population will be immunized with both doses,” he said.

Total confirmed cases of Covid-19 in Pernambuco reached 636,774 This Thursday (18). According to the state health department, there were 212 new cases in the state, 15 of which are acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) and another 197 are mild.

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