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Governo envia à Assembleia projeto do Marco Legal da Ciência em Goiás

The government sends the legal framework for science in Goiás to the association

The government sends the draft legal framework for science to the association in Goiás -aredacao

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The goal is to create incentives in the region | 10.13.22 – 20:30

The government sends the legal framework for science in Goiás to the association(Photo: clone)
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Goiania The Government of Goiás, through the Secretary of State for Development and Innovation (SID), has sent to the Legislative Assembly of Goiás (Alego) a bill proposing the creation of the legal framework for science, technology and innovation in Goiás. The proposal lays out a series of measures that would encourage the development of the country by encouraging innovation and scientific and technological research.

The bill provides for the economic inclusion of the population by encouraging the development of small and micro enterprises. It also proposes the geographical and economic decentralization of technology-based entrepreneurial activities, while creating public policies for the state regions with the lowest Human Development Index (HDI), and promoting the reduction of regional disparities.

The Minister of Development and Innovation, Marcio Cesar Pereira, explains that Marco Legal will create enabling environments and strengthen strategic partnerships for the development of innovations and technologies, which will put Goiás in a prominent position. “This law will establish the gradual interaction between government, universities and the productive sector in the promotion of technology, scientific research centers, innovative projects and the development of start-ups, making Goiás more competitive,” Sedi President explains.

Legal framework proposals include promoting scientific and technological activities; Cooperation between government, companies and the third sector. expanding business competitiveness; strengthening the Institutes of Science and Technology (ICT); stimulate innovation activities; support for independent inventors; Decentralize science and technology activities and expand environments that foster innovation and research centers.

The bill will be passed through the legislature for consideration by parliamentarians and public consultations, including involving representatives from universities, the productive sector and organized civil society.

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