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The great pianist Nelson Freyer is dead

The great pianist Nelson Freyer is dead

The news fell like 1 thunder on MondayThere is November, All Saints’ Day: The great Brazilian pianist Nelson Fryer died in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) at the age of 77 from Sunday to Monday night. The musician, who suffered a fall in the middle of the street in the Brazilian capital in 2019 with a fracture to his right shoulder, has been missing from the international arena for two years, where he continues to perform. He did not recover, and at last sat down with his friend Martha Archerich at the judging panel of the Sobin competition in Warsaw and retreated to see him.

Like her, the musician was nervous; Like her, she was surprised that not every concert would be the last. The prudent but charismatic personality, always admired by his colleagues, Nelson Freyer, appointed him a lecturer for a long time “The best secret of the piano”, In the early 2000s, some twenty-five years after leaving the studio, it suddenly gained prominence with two recordings, Chopin (2002) and Schumann (2003), which were recorded for Decca.

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Noble and simple, weightless density, softness and eroticism, celestial prowess, Nelson Freer’s game is unique. An art that is simultaneously sunny and solitary, who provides the music, and only that. The hands are the paws of a giant baby, round and plump, capable of the life or death of Beethoven, Sobin, Debussy, Brahms, and Schumann. They play a lot for the swaying twists and turns of the Villa-Lobos pieces that were recorded for Telefuncan in 1974 and then for Deco in 2012 and 2017.

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Nelson Freyer was born on October 18, 1944, in Boa Esperanca, southeastern Brazil, with 12,000 souls and two pianos. One mMe Freer was brought in from Germany a few years ago. The youngest, at 3 years old, captures it as a pioneer by many siblings. The piano is good for everything. Asthma attacks, psoriasis, eczema, rashes and other psoriasis. With a guava-based paste his father, a pharmacist, prepared for him, the piano always feeds Nelson Freer.

“I was almost born dead,” He expressed optimism World, In 2004. Allergic to life and can not tolerate any food. Under standard protection and all games are prohibited. My father later realized that he had to write a long letter to tell me about this test I had in my childhood when only my sister played the piano. ” The boy is not only a talented kid, he is well versed in science.

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