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The head of the academic boarding school with the "neural junction problem" - academic

The head of the academic boarding school with the “neural junction problem” – academic

Academia’s General Assembly is on Friday, from 20:30, but without the Briosa President. According to a statement issued by the club at 7 pm, Pedro Roxo was taken to hospital “due to a neurological problem”.
Read the full statement:


Pedro Roxo enters the AG da Académica via video conference from the hospital

“This is intended to inform all Academia partners of the absence of the Chairman of the Board of Directors, Pedro Roxo, from this evening’s General Assembly, at which he will, unfortunately, not attend, for tenuous health reasons.

In fact, last Wednesday, the president was admitted to the emergency department at CHUC, with a neurological problem the next day. However, the situation did not go through a positive development, so today, at 17.00, the medical team of the Neurology Service told him that he would not leave the hospital and that he would have to undergo other treatments in the next few days.

In view of the situation, the President informed the Board of Directors of the General Assembly of his obstruction, and also informed him of his desire for the General Assembly to convene, though, in light of the delicate moment that the Academician is going through.

He also informed the President, mandating the reading of the two interventions which he had prepared for the General Assembly, to Vice-President Gustavo Motta.

The President also asked the General Assembly to present its apology to the members present, indicating that he is convinced that all the issues raised by the Assembly will be clarified by the Council, and he is fully confident despite his absence.