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Likwidacja Izba Dyscyplinarna będzie połączona z dalszą reformą sądownictwa - zapowiedział w RMF FM prezes Prawa i Sprawiedliwości. Jarosław Kaczyński potwierdził, że jego partia ma w planach spłaszczenie struktury sądów.

The head of the PiS announces changes in the judiciary

The dissolution of the Order Room will be linked to further reform of the judiciary – announced by the Head of Law and Justice on RMF FM. Jaroslav Kachiyasky confirmed that his party plans to level the court structure.

According to President Kaziowski, The district courts will go without. Their duties will be taken up by the District Courts today. All courts will have the status of district courts. This will not only improve the situation of the judges, but, above all, the situation of those facing the courts in various roles. – Said the head of PiS.

New regional courts will be created to handle both casesIt is responsible for considering cassation complaints. Today the Supreme Court is dealing with it. This – after possible changes – will be reduced. It will be a small court whose task is usually to regulate the law – The leader of the ruling party explained.

The question arises as to the need to flatten the court structure and not re-appoint all the judges who serve on them, which will create a domain for their re-examination. There will be no verification. Unless there are some serious disciplinary cases – Kaczynski commented.

The leader of the Law and Justice Party also referred to the case in the Order Room of the Supreme Court. He promised that it would be dissolved soon. The anarchy that exists in the Polish courts today must be brought under control and the companies that have not been proven to be dissolved must be disbanded. Also the order room is not functioning – he said.

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