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The heat has arrived!  Learn how to protect your car…

The heat has arrived! Learn how to protect your car…

The temperatures are high and as they say, even the shade is hot. In addition to protecting ourselves by drinking plenty of water and using sunscreen, we must also “protect” our cars. Here are some tips for protecting your car from the sun.

Car in the sun: There are several problems that can result from this

It is true that it is not always easy to find a place in the shade to park our car. When a car is in the sun, there are many problems that can result, both now and in the future. according to Business magazinewith the necessary heat Check the belts and make sure you're getting the right amount of antifreeze.

It is also necessary to check the water and oil levels in the car. With the heat you've been feeling the past few days, it's only natural that you need to Turn on the air conditioner for some time, which may lead to battery damage, Little newspaper. Also don't forget See tire pressure and conditionbecause with the hotter tar, the probability of explosion is greater.

A discolored steering wheel is another problem that heat can cause. Protect the seats with coversAnd Wash the car With some regularity in order to protect the painting and Wax the outside of the car Thus providing a layer of protection between the panel and the UV rays.

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