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The History of the Rainbow: Science and Diversity

The History of the Rainbow: Science and Diversity

One of the most beautiful phenomena of the atmosphere, the interpretation of the formation of the rainbow is complex and has stimulated many philosophical and scientific discussions since the time of Plato who lived

The rainbow is one of the most beautiful and complex natural manifestations as well. This is what meteorologists technically call a light meteor, because it arises from the interaction of sunlight with raindrops. The explosion of colors in the rainbow delights anyone. The interpretation of the rainbow formation has stimulated many philosophical and scientific discussions since the time of Plato.

Upon penetrating a drop of water, the sun’s ray will bounce in many directions until it escapes again from the drop and returns to open space, but then I divide it into all the colors in the spectrum. In theory, they are much more than the seven colors we usually identify as the colors of the rainbow, but The visual ability of the human eye can only see by defining the seven colors of the rainbow قزح.

else Curiosity about rainbow: As a natural phenomenon, it occurs only in the early morning or late afternoon. It is precisely at these times of the day that the sun’s rays manage to enter raindrops at an angle of 40-42 degrees.

This was a little science background about the rainbow. But there is another story, a modern one, that began in the late 1970s, which made the rainbow the A symbol of gender diversity.

To tell us about another rainbow view, the podcast O the weather We have a reporter named Lisa Gomez. Lisa is the only transgender reporter on Brazilian TV and has been working since 2015 as a reporter for TV Fama, on Red TV!

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