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The Hunting War in the English Channel:

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First, Britain sent two warships in response to several threats from the French authorities and the French fishing industry.

France then responded with the same currency when it also sent two warships to the island of Jersey to “ensure the safety” of the sailors.

From their respective territorial waters, the warships saw a squadron of French fishing boats form a blockade outside the commercial port of Saint Helier, the capital of Jersey, the largest island in the English Channel.

Then they watched how at least one French fishing trawler collided with a British trawler.

Threats: “We are ready for war,” said the French, when the siege outside St. Helen became a reality. Then they finally turned around. Photo: AP / NTB
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The war on fish

The battle is about fish.

Who is allowed to hunt, when and where it is allowed to hunt, and how much is it allowed to hunt.

On the one hand, there is a breakaway state, Great Britain, and on the other hand, the pro-European Union France, in essence, a cooperation and trade agreement between the European Union and the United Kingdom in the wake of Britain’s exit from the European Union.

France believes that Britain violated this agreement when it chose to introduce Jersey to introduce a licensing system for fishing in waters around the island. Although Jersey is subject to the British Crown and dependent on the British government, the island is not an official part of the United Kingdom.

French authorities and fishermen believe that the licensing scheme in practice makes it difficult for them to access the waters around Jersey.

FLYR: The British Navy, the Royal Navy, made its first test flight with jetpacks. Reporter: Björg Dahley Johansen. Video: Twitter
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“Ready for war”

“This is totally unacceptable,” French Navy Minister Annick Girardin said of the licensing scheme earlier this week.

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Then she threatened to cut off the electricity to the island, which passes through a submarine cable from France. Then came the threats of the French hunters about the siege, which they carried out on Thursday.

Against this background, the British authorities decided on Wednesday to send warships to Jersey. On Thursday evening, the British authorities said that they will now return to the United Kingdom because the situation has calmed down. According to Sky News.

But the calm was not the calm the French urged earlier in the day.

“We are ready for war. We can put Jersey on its knees,” said David Selam, head of the maritime administration in Normandy, when French fishing boats formed the blockade. According to French The Local.

He was not satisfied with this statement.

“We are facing people who cannot be trusted.” An extremist faction has seized Jersey, which wants to reduce French fishing supplies and take advantage of Brexit.

“Invade”: A fisherman in Jersey described the French invasion as an invasion. Photo: AP / NTB
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Jersey hunter Josh Dering described the French invasion as an “invasion,” but there was no war, and Jersey never fell on its knees.

The roughly 50 trawlers were not enough to choke the supply lines to the Port of Saint-Helier, and after a few hours the French fishermen chose to return again.

And that was then daily MailOne of Britain’s largest – and most patriotic – tabloids declared: “Victoire!” – Victory in French.

– It might have been as we thought. It escalated a little, before disappearing again. So, it may be that the reason is that diplomatic relations have calmed the situation. The French know how to pretend and can make a fuss, and so do the British. Therefore, there can be such “confrontations”. These are two ancient colonial powers that think it’s fun to roar a little with their feathers, says Eric Mustad, a British expert and associate professor at Agder University, to Dagbladet about English Channel drama.

“rude”: This photo of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson made the web boil. But the video of the moment reveals something completely different. Video: AP
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He leads behind the light

Mustad has She previously described the conflict as a war of wordsBut he thinks it was interesting to follow as it is “the first significant trade dispute between the European Union, which is represented by France, and the United Kingdom after Brexit.”

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It also shows how much of a fisheries policy fueling should be And therefore Little things cause such a situation. After the conflict has subsided, Mustad says it also explains why getting ashore is difficult with the post-Brexit deal.

Not only are French fishermen dissatisfied with the post-Brexit agreement – they are also the Jersey Hunters, he says.

Return home: After a few hours of protest, the French Hunters are back.  Photo: AFP / NTB
Returned home: A few hours after the protest, the French Fishermen returned. Photo: AFP / NTB
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British hunters and fishermen in Jersey were among the main proponents of Brexit. They are tired of the Spanish, Portuguese and French fishermen walking along the British coast to fish. For them, Brexit was a matter of their livelihood. Mstad says they thought they would get better, but now they see that maybe Boris Johnson and his government led them behind the light.

Fishermen in Jersey earlier this year had problems delivering their fish in France, as they have always done.

Then you feel doubly frustrated and ignored, says Mostafa.

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