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The husband has already warned her!  Maddalena Abecassis “falls in love with Candido Costa – Celebrity”.

The husband has already warned her! Maddalena Abecassis “falls in love with Candido Costa – Celebrity”.

Former footballer and now Channel 11 correspondent Candido Costa42 years old, I met in “Task Manager“, which will be shown for the first time on Saturday night, the 23rd, on RTP1 channel, Maddalena AbecassisThe most popular digital influencer on Instagram, Cascais Beta, with 540,000 followers, is in love with her aunt. He even calls him his “soul mate.”

Maddalena Abecassis, 40, does not do anything for less and has only good things to point out to Candido Costa: “It’s cool, because I didn’t know him anywhere. My husband knew him through football and watching “Cândido On Tour,” and he said to me, “He’s so funny,” and I thought, “Oh, he’s more of a football guy.” But when I met him… Oh man! We spend hours on the cell phone! The man won’t stop, oh my god!”

This unique duo, comes out of a quartet that also includes the actress Gabriela Barros And the Brazilian comedian Wandson LisbonThere will be something to talk about, “Not in the sexual sense.” Candido Costa also makes a point of highlighting. Madalena Abecassis confirms: “It’s scary, you’ll realize that later. It’s not even the logic, it’s the things we say, that are the same. How can someone think and say the same thing as me?“The first special guest at the premiere of Taskmaster, which he hosted Nuno Markle and Vasco Palmerimthat it Antonio Raminhos. The influencer guarantees it will be a rave: “I don’t know how you would know how to deal with Raminhos in a certain test. I said, “He doesn’t do that.” I cried from laughter! It is impossible for people to see the evidence and not say anything.“Candido Costa, successor to singer Tui, considers himself a ‘fan’ of Taskmaster, where he guest-starred in an episode of Season 2, and thanks his former colleagues for the success of the public station format.”There’s just such madness about the great job the team did in the early seasons. I feel special. Even though I was full of work, I gave up. You might see worse than Toy in his underwear.

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