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The idea continues to grow at FC

The idea continues to grow at FC

Luis Diaz is going through an amazing phase in his career. shone in Copa America, where top scorer, have won Revelation Award entered the eleventh model النموذج It thus helped Colombia take third place in the competition, which sparked the interest of many clubs. However, the winger ensures his focus at the moment is on growing and staying at FC Porto.

“I chose Porto because of what happened to the Colombians who passed there and achieved beautiful things. The idea is to continue to grow at FC Porto. My boss only tells me if there is interest or not, I don’t know more than that. I’ve always enjoyed watching the Premier League, La Liga and La Liga, but in Portugal football is played very well, so let’s see if something happens and continue with the mentality of achieving great things”, he began by saying that the young man presented in an interview with Radio Caracol Colombia.

“Getting to Europe was not easy, going to FC Porto was a big development. If you reach a team of this level, it is because you have quality. He added that humility has always distinguished me and is essential to achieving goals.

In the same interview, Luis Diaz also mentioned some of the players he would love to see growing up, including a player who spent time with Sporting: “I’d love to see Vladimir Hernandez play, I’ve always liked his style of play. play. I have always loved Teo Gutierrez And you try to have your own playing style. »

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