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The Intel Unison app can be downloaded on any Windows 11 PC

The Intel Unison app can be downloaded on any Windows 11 PC

The Intel tool allows you to connect Android phones or iPhones to your computer and access device functions, including notifications, messages, and calls.

app Intel Unison is available for download from Microsoft Store it, and right now, any computer can download it. Announced in September, the Windows 11 Cell Phone Sync tool allows access to messages, media, notifications, and other smartphone features from your computer, without the need for wires.

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Intel software is very similar to Microsoft Link to Cellular, He mentioned it several times Canaltech, but developed by the manufacturer based on the technology from Startup Screenovate. With it, users can link their Android phone or Iphone to your PC and access device functions directly from your PC, including notifications, messages, calls, galleries, and more.

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The big difference between the original Windows 11 solution and the Intel software is compatibility: while the MS software runs on Android phones (with additional functionality on Samsung Galaxy), the Blue Team solution is also compatible with iPhones, making remote access possible between Microsoft and Apple systems.

More limited than the local application

However, the Intel software is much smaller than the MS tool: it cannot, for example, browse applications remotely, or connect more than one device at the same time.

However, the manufacturer feature may be an interesting solution for iPhone users using a Windows 11 computer or owners of Android mobile phones from competing Samsung brands who are experiencing a lack of functionality.

Nothing prevents the company from dedicating itself to developing more features in the future, incl. Therefore, it is another alternative for consumers to pair their mobile phones with their PC and make use of their mouse and keyboard functions.

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Works on any computer (for now)

Theoretically, the tool works exclusively with computers with Intel Evo processors, but there are reports that it can be installed on any Windows 11 device (maybe even on computers with a lower CPU). My God). In the Microsoft Store, the only minimum requirements include OS version 22621.0 (or later) and x64 architecture.

However, it is possible that the lack of download restrictions is temporary. As with the Mobile Connect app by DaleIntel may specify more stringent minimum requirements (such as the processor model) soon. After all, the product makes the company’s laptops stand out, and the additional capabilities of the component include additional benefits, such as 6x Wi-Fi platform improvements and Advanced Connection Manager Automatic network managementwhich dynamically switches between Wi-Fi and 5G for stability or faster download speeds.

Intel Unison software can be downloaded for free from Microsoft Store.

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