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The iPhone 14 Pro commercial shows a prosthetic for dogs made with the help of a LiDAR scanner

The iPhone 14 Pro commercial shows a prosthetic for dogs made with the help of a LiDAR scanner

a apple Today, a commercial titled “invincibles” (“Invincible”), with adorable shots of his named puppy a trip. Because he was born with deformities, he underwent an amputation and uses a prosthesis in place of one of his paws; The prosthesis was constructed using iPhone 14 Pro.

In the video that contains scenes recorded on the iPhone – and thus it is part of the campaign “Filmed on the iPhone” (Filmed on iPhone) — we can see how the company is doing 3D pets Create prostheses using a scanner to leadis located in the camera module on the best models of the latest iPhones and iPads, as well as with the camera real depthwhich integrates devices with Face ID.

It then shows how the advanced technology that enables the method of unlocking iPhones and other Apple devices can also be used for other interesting purposes.

a YouTube user Marks “MKBHD” Brownlee He also posted a video that shows behind the scenes of 3D Pets in action – and also highlights that the prosthetics are being manufactured using 3D printing. In the video, we can see how they used the sensors to scan the body of another dog, Chip, in order to create the prosthesis taking into account the dog’s needs in detail.

The capture process is similar to video recording: the capabilities of the sensors are used in some scanning applications, such as hedges, to perform the task. In this way, the dimensions of the animal, the shape of the prosthesis, and information that will be used in the next step, the actual 3D printing, are recorded.

In this way, it is remarkable how iPhone technology allows tasks to be carried out in a more practical and flexible way, such as scanning the bodies of dogs and other animals in order to build prostheses. Thus, this noble work is enhanced and made more practical by the technology that Apple products adopt.

Other videos show more stories of puppies being rescued and/or their quality of life greatly improved thanks to the work of 3D Pets. Apple is including these commercials in the campaign Made on iPhone (“Made with iPhone”, in direct translation) in order to highlight the capabilities of its devices.

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