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The iPhone used by millions of people gets Apple's “legacy” stamp.

The iPhone used by millions of people gets Apple's “legacy” stamp.

Apple is currently one of the most technological companies on the market. According to the laws of this sector, products that are too old end up losing their validity, as they are considered outdated. According to the dictionary, obsolete means something that is out of fashion, outdated, antique, that is no longer used. And that's what Apple is doing with this iPhone model.

The device in question is the iPhone 5S, which has just received the “legacy seal” from the company, due to the end of official support. In addition, the device will no longer receive updates. The change appears on Apple's official website, in the “Old Products” section. The list includes products that the brand stopped selling seven or more years ago, such as the iPhone 5S, which was launched in 2013.

What makes a product obsolete for Apple?

According to Apple itself, a legacy product is a product that has been discontinued and will not receive original replacement parts in case of damage. The brand explains that it is discontinuing all hardware services for products deemed outdated. This way, service providers can no longer order spare parts.

Check out the list of older Apple products:

In other words, neither Apple nor official assistance or a third party will be able to provide a component for an older listed iPhone.

It is worth noting that despite being old, the iPhone 5S was considered the latest in mobile technology when it was launched. It is the first smartphone to use a 64-bit processor, in addition to introducing the Touch ID fingerprint verification system on iPhone devices.

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The last update the iPhone 5S received was iOS 12, which happened in 2018. Since then, the device has stopped keeping pace with Apple's software developments. For users who feel the need to change their devices, the most recommended option is to look for a newer or sooner version, especially to have more time until the next update.