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The Israeli army opened investigations after the air strikes that targeted food queues

The Israeli army opened investigations after the air strikes that targeted food queues

This comes after the attack that was carried out earlier this week against a food queue inside the Gaza Strip.

More than 100 Palestinians are said to have been killed while desperately waiting for emergency aid in Gaza.

It all ended in a bloodbath.

The Israeli army has opened an investigation to learn more about the incident and to prevent similar incidents from occurring.

This came according to what Reuters reported from the Israeli army spokesman, Admiral Daniel Hagari.

Hajjari says the review, which collected information from commanders and field forces, proved that no attack was carried out against the aid convoy.

In the predawn darkness of Thursday morning, hundreds of desperate Palestinians lined up in Gaza City, in the northern Gaza Strip, along the coastal Rashid Road awaiting the arrival of emergency aid trucks.

According to the Palestinian Authority, Israeli soldiers are said to have opened fire on the crowd. They reported on Friday that more than 100 were killed and about 700 wounded.

Doctors and eyewitnesses say in videos published by Al Jazeera that patients came in with gunshot wounds, but there were also victims who were either run over or hit by trucks.

Drone images released by the IDF were edited shortly after the incident, and several sequences are still missing. The video shows hundreds of Palestinians gathering around a convoy of trucks arriving loaded with emergency aid.

The video also shows two Israeli military vehicles next to the crowd. It also shows people lying on the ground.

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The IDF has now completed its initial review of what happened:

The spokesman concludes that the IDF did not carry out any air strikes, and that “most of the Palestinians were killed as a result of being trampled to death.”

Several people are also said to have lost their lives when they were hit by trucks that were said to have been looted, says Israeli government spokesman Avi Heyman.

Hajari said on Thursday that Israeli soldiers fired warning shots into the air and that they “did not fire at civilians or the relief mission.”

The convoy of 30 trucks, which came from Egypt, was coordinated by the Israeli army, according to Hajari. Furthermore, he stated that “thousands of Palestinians stormed the convoy with trucks,” and claimed that the trucks hit people at the site.

– I have said many times that I have no more words and that all boundaries have been crossed. But this is not true. It's getting worse all the time.

This is what MSF Norway's Secretary General, Lindis Horum, told VG after the incident.

– What happened this morning is difficult to understand. This is a whole new level of cruelty. There is a complete lack of respect for human life, says Horum.

United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres condemns the attack, and says that the United Nations has been unable to deliver emergency aid to the areas north of Gaza for more than a week. According to Reuters, he says there may be a need to conduct an independent investigation into the incident.

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The European Union's foreign affairs chief, Josep Borrell, also reacted strongly.

– I am horrified by the news that there has been another bloodbath among civilians in desperate need of humanitarian assistance in Gaza. “These deaths are completely unacceptable,” he wrote on X.

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