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The Israeli army told the media: About 40 children and infants were found dead

The Israeli army told the media: About 40 children and infants were found dead

This is what the Israeli defense said the Israeli Defense Armyto the few international news agencies and media they brought in Community Tuesday.

According to the report, it is certain that many infants and children were found with severed heads i24 news.

– Tell the world what you see here, shouts a soldier, according to Reuters.

– Massacre

The smell of death was still wafting around the place on Tuesday, three days after the attack, according to international media. It is estimated that about 70 armed militants entered here on Saturday.

They went door to door, killing and kidnapping civilians, the Israeli army says.

– You see children, mothers and fathers dead in their bedrooms and in shelters. This is not a war, this is not a battlefield. It is a massacre and terrorism, says Israeli Major Iray Verov, according to Reuters.

He says he has never seen the man.

– This isn’t something that’s been happening recently, he says.

Murder and hostage-taking: Hamas threatened to kill one hostage for every Israeli counterattack that struck a civilian target in Gaza without warning. Photo: EPA/Atef Al-Safadi/NTB
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“Exploding traps”

Pictures from the scene show Israeli army soldiers removing bodies from homes, placing them outside and covering them. The media is also asked to stay away from homes and areas that have not yet been disinfected. The armed militants are said to have left “booby traps” with explosives.

They wrote that while the media was being projected around them, missiles and explosions could also be heard in the distance.

Since Kfar Arza is not far from Gaza, the Israeli army is still on alert here. They are still searching for the remaining militants in the corridors and in the area.

Information warfare: Information warfare has shaped the war in Ukraine, and is now about to shape the Middle East after Hamas’s unexpected attack on Israel on October 7. Reporter: Edward Steinlund. Video: X/AP/Al-Qassam Brigades/YouTube
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More than 1000 dead

Several kibbutzim, such as Be’eri – where more than 100 were found dead – and villages closest to Gaza, as well as a music festival, were severely damaged in the Hamas attack.

More than 1,000 Israelis have now been confirmed dead. In addition, more than 3,400 people were injured, according to Israeli authorities.

In addition to the dead Israelis, Israel says it found 1,500 dead Hamas fighters on its territory.

On the Palestinian side, the Ministry of Health in the Gaza Strip has so far reported that at least 830 people have been killed and more than 4,250 Palestinians injured in Israeli counterattacks.

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