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The Jewish symbol on the Amy Winehouse statue is covered by a Palestinian sticker

The Jewish symbol on the Amy Winehouse statue is covered by a Palestinian sticker

London police are investigating the placement of a Palestinian flag sticker covering the Star of David necklace on the singer's statue. Amy bar. Amy's father, Mitchell Winehouse, visited the statue in 2014.

The singer often wore a necklace with a Jewish symbol during her performances, a gesture of pride in her cultural heritage and Jewish traditions. Although she has said in interviews that she is “not religious,” she has always expressed her pride in her cultural heritage and traditions.

The sticker was found this morning, Monday, the 19th, on the statue honoring the singer, who died in 2011. Camden Market officials stated that the sticker was “immediately removed” upon its discovery, and that the sticker and the incident were reported to the police.

“Camden Market remains first and foremost a place of diversity – a global destination that welcomes all.” Market officials announced. “Any form of discrimination will not be tolerated in our industry.”

A Metropolitan Police spokesman said: “We are aware of a photo shared on social media showing a statue of Amy Winehouse in Camden Market with a pro-Palestinian poster placed above a Star of David. We know that this has caused many people dissatisfaction. We are consulting with Camden Market to determine what circumstances and evidence, such as CCTV footage, may be available.

A spokesman for the Campaign Against Anti-Semitism described the act as anti-Semitic. “Covering the Star of David, a well-known symbol of Judaism, on a statue of a British Jewish singer, with a Palestinian Authority flag sticker is anti-Semitic.” They mentioned. “Currently, 69% of British Jews say they are less likely to show visible signs of their Jewishness. When not even a statue of a Jewish person can escape this, is this surprising?

Amy Winehouse and her Jewish roots

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Amy Winehouse, whose life and career were marked by an unmistakable voice and unique presence on the music scene, also carried a Jewish cultural heritage. This dimension was an essential part of who she was personally and artistically.

Winehouse was born into a Jewish family and grew up in a community that valued tradition, history and culture. Her parents, Mitch and Janis Winehouse, ensured that Amy and her brother Alex were raised in Jewish customs.. This early education planted the seeds of identity that Amy would carry throughout her life.

Amy proudly displayed symbols of her Jewish heritage. Most notable is the Star of David, which he often wore around his neck, and was then immortalized in a statue in his honor in Camden Market.

Winehouse spoke openly about how her culture's values ​​and stories inspired her, even if in ways that were not explicitly religious. His music, which is imbued with deep emotions and personal experiences, can be seen as an extension of this rich and complex cultural heritage.