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The John Cleese Show ends Monty Python's style, with a fan invading the stage... It was Hermann Jose

The John Cleese Show ends Monty Python’s style, with a fan invading the stage… It was Hermann Jose

The show was postponed for two years due to the pandemic, and the audience waited and held on to tickets until the height of Covid passed: the then-80-year-old actor took the stage at 82, which was truly their last chance to see him before his death. In front of an anxious audience, which is normal for unconditioned audiences, There was a domestic star who couldn’t contain such an overflowing anxiety that he finally conquered the stage. It was not scheduled.

John Cleese He is a global star, a member of the legendary “Monty Python” And I got an unexpected surprise at the end of the show at the Coliseu de Lisboa, this Wednesday, with several completely carried out sessions, which are very aptly called “Last time to see me before I die” (Last chance to see me before I die.) If a stranger takes the stage to cuddle you…

In the second part of the show, the comedian and co-author of series such as Fawlty Towers and movies like “Brian’s Life”answered audience questions sent via email, a more defensive way of interacting without having to listen to the audience’s pagan considerations, and being able to tell their stories offhand, always with a unique joke: Cleese may be old, but British, black humor Nonsense Or just silly I have aged well, which may not be a well-distributed virtue.

The last question the assistant read, shared by the stage at this point in the show, came from a certain person “Herman Jose”which he described (written in the mail) as a “half Portuguese, half German” Portuguese comedian. Everyone knows that, of course, except for the British.

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No sooner had Claes finished his answer than one of them approached the platform, hands cupped, shouting to hear his own voice. The assistant handed him the microphone… Herman Jose himself, was a copy of the autograph-hunting teenage fan.

Just to say you changed my life…

– Oh yeah, they took their time telling me… – He laughs, because the show started exactly by simulating a conversation between Cleese and fans on the street who told her exactly, “You changed my life” and things like that.

– Yes, that was very important … My first TV show “Tel Channel” was completely inspired by you …

The aide wasn’t sure who he was, and Cleese had no idea, but the audience applauded when Heyman went up on stage and tried to hug the Englishman, who was pretending to escape but gave him the honour. The show was closed with an unexpected order, and minutes later the Portuguese colleague posted this video on Instagram:

It is the last time before the death of John Cleese that Hermann José invades his theater. He couldn’t believe that his German half was the most active at that moment…