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“The judge said I was putting myself in a position to be up front.”

“The judge said I was putting myself in a position to be up front.”

MAnuel Luis Joshua spoke to Romana on Friday afternoon about the criticism the singer has received for allowing one of her children to wear skirts.

The theme led the presenter to warn about the need to open minds about similar topics and also to recall a recent episode in which he was also a victim of discrimination due to the way he dresses.

It was 2010 when a caller decided to take “5 Para a Meia-Noite” to court over a prank he called the presenter.

“Once I was called on a television joke, which has no importance, which is of no importance in the opinion of the judge, the presenter. I decided to file a lawsuit against this TV show because the fact that I live with a guy doesn’t make me a presenter.🇧🇷 I am a man who lives with another man and I am a provider. I am placing myself in the position of being called a forerunner, the judge said, because I wear colors from the female universe in my everyday television attire. A woman, a judge, made this verdictManuel Luis Jocha recalled, regretting the unconstructive opinion.

Pleading to change his mindset, Goucha ended his program with a “vivid pink”.

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