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The King of Packaging concluded an agreement with the Italians and opened a new factory in Guimarães

The José Neves Group, from Guimarães, will build a new factory next to the company’s headquarters to produce corrugated board in partnership with the Italian group Grifal, which is supposed to create about 50 jobs.

And the group adds in a statement that the new plant will be operational during 2023 in Guimarães, along with the group’s existing facilities, with operational and commercial management and administrative support provided by the José Neves group, while Grifal, listed on Euronext from Italy, through its subsidiary Tieng S.rl. , will supply wavy lines and know how to produce.

José Neves was created in 1983 by the entrepreneur of the same name. Since then, the company has remained in the family. It currently employs 110 employees, occupies modern facilities, with an area of ​​16,000 square metres, in the industrial area of ​​Ponte, and had a turnover of €22 million in the last financial year.

‘Made in’ Guimarães packaging warns when product is damaged

“We could have continued to grow organically based on our strong reputation and wide customer base in the Portuguese and international markets. Instead, we chose to introduce innovation the art In our market because we believe it is a winner, 100% in line with the growing demand for more environmentally friendly products to replace expanded plastic,” said José Nieves, Founder and Chairman of the Guimarães Group.

In the same statement, Fabio Gritti, President and CEO of the Grival Group, stressed that “the understanding between two realities geographically distant, but similar in terms of history, reputation and skills, located in the heart of Europe and which believes in the value of sustainable innovation is the basis of this partnership that will last for a long time, generating successes.” important joint.

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