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The Last Hill of Stars has a dark history

The Last Hill of Stars has a dark history

Val de Fiemme (Aftenposten): The US president should have apologized. In the shadow of the recent rise of the Tour de Ski, we find a heartbreaking story.

For many years, Thérèse Johaug was the ruler of “Monster Hill.” But in the story of the hill we also find the tragedies of former US President Bill Clinton.

The short version

– I've been there once before and I know how wonderful it is.

Harald Østberg Amundsen refused to take anything upfront after the penultimate stage of the Tour de Ski. It was starting to get dark as he passed through the interview area as Commander-in-Chief, more than a minute and a half ahead of Erik Valnes.

On the women's side, Heidi Wong had a tough time in the wet snow, but still has a place on the podium ahead of the final on Sunday afternoon.

After that, the runners will once again climb the Alpe Cermis alpine hill.

If you take a walk in the shadow of the famous Münster Hill, you might learn about the dark history of the place.

Clear message

Instead of entering a gondola that takes us to the top of Alpe Cermis, we wander under the elevator. There, the bike path leads us into the forest adjacent to the mountain. A few meters away from us, we hear the breaths of trainees testing the cross-country trails.

It's quieter where we're going. Suddenly the trees became taller, and we left the road and walked up, to a small forest on the side of the mountain.

There we find a few paintings, some pictures, two crosses, and a small picture of the Virgin Mary. On one of the plaques there is an inscription:

“If you kill one man, it's murder. If you kill 20, it's wrong.”

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