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Windows 10 Microsoft KB5003690 atualização desempenho

The latest update for Windows 10 contains a related performance increase

Even with Windows 11 going fast, Microsoft hasn’t given up on Windows 10 and its necessary updates. It continues to be prepared and released to users with significant improvements.

The most recent one arrived earlier this week and ended up showing that there is still a lot left for this system to grow and get even better. This test arrived with KB5003690 and brought a significant performance boost.


The latest Windows 10 updates weren't without their problems. Abnormal situations accumulated and the performance of this system decreased with the regular complaints from users who reported these issues.

Thus, KB5003690 from Microsoft came to solve it All positions accumulated since April of this year. It's focused on the latest versions, being customized for Windows 10's 21H1, 20H2, and 2004. It's a backlog of a bunch of improvements built to deal with these situations.

Windows 10 Performance Upgrade Microsoft KB5003690

It is an optional update from Microsoft and can be installed by any user, especially those who have identified these issues. As a result, Windows 10 has become a system with a significant performance boost, which is something that users have been looking for.

In addition, this update KB5003690 also fixes other minor issues that have been identified. We talked about system access issues, authentication issues, and even the news widget, which displays text with a changed font and reading issues.

Windows 10 Performance Upgrade Microsoft KB5003690

Although it is optional, this update must be installed by everyone to get this interesting gain. Anyway, and even if it is waived, Microsoft will implement this later in Windows 10, next Tuesday.

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Anyone who wants to install this new update can bring it hereDirectly from the Microsoft website. This will also be in additional Windows 10 updates.