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Windows 11 Microsoft bug Insiders build

The latest Windows 11 update brings more bugs to Microsoft

In continuous development, Microsoft is testing the latest Windows 11 news in the Insiders Program. You want to evaluate the quality of these improvements and discover issues with these versions before they are brought to market.

These latest test builds have arrived and they bring one of the strangest bugs Microsoft has ever brought to this system. After installing this update, one of the most popular and important elements of Windows 11 stops working and does not help the user.

Anyone who has been using beta versions of Windows 11 knows that they are subject to any issues Microsoft brings to this system. It is dedicated to testing and evaluating problems, which can affect daily use.

Therefore, it is not surprising that this new error, even if it does not make very much sense to many users of Windows 11. From what has been described, version 22494 and earlier causes problems with the keyboard light display of Caps Lock, Scroll Lock, and Num Lock .

Windows 11 Microsoft bug Insiders build

complaints pile up In the Feedback Center app, where users describe the issue affecting this version. The defect is minor, but it may cause problems for users who cannot understand whether these features are active and in use.

Microsoft revealed that it is already investigating the issue and then finding a solution. This should appear soon, in a new build, which will be released soon, as happens frequently with this testing software.

Windows 11 Microsoft bug Insiders build

However, for everyone who has this problem, there is an external solution that you can use right away. Using apps like paper tray They can have direct access to the assets they have. It is also visible, although not on the keyboard, but on the Windows 11 taskbar.

Like we said before, this is a bug that Microsoft is expected to fix soon, in the future version of Windows 11. It's weird and weird, but it's part of the entire Insiders program's evaluation and troubleshooting process.

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