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PSI-20 grading for a maximum of four months with CTT release at 10% - Bolsa

The launch of more than 8% of the CTT takes the national bag to the water line – the bag

The week ends with the PSI-20 up 0.05% to 5,134.8 points, in line with the rest of Europe continuing to renew its historic highs on the back of the company’s results. These numbers are also what made CTT the best performing listed company today in Lisbon.

The company’s shares rose by more than 13% in the Friday session, and then ended the day with a gain of 8.32% to 4.75 euros per share, after the company moved from losses to profits, figures in the first six months of this year.

In addition to the results, JB Capital Markets revised upwards التوصية Attributed to the Portuguese company, which changed from “neutral” to “buy”. However, it kept its target price unchanged at €5.40 per share, giving it a potential return of 21.08% over the value at the close of yesterday’s session.

The numbers were above CaixaBank/BPI analyst expectations. In the first half of the year, this investment bank reported a net profit of €15.6 million, with CTT exceeding those expectations by 10%. On a quarterly basis, the numbers also exceeded the bank’s expectations: €9 million versus the expected €7 million.

In the rest of the Portuguese market, gains were also recorded in BCP, where the bank increased 1.37%, and in Galp, which ended the day 0.3% higher.

EDP ​​ended the day unchanged at €4.49, on the day UBS raised its recommendation to “buy” compared to the previous “neutral” rating. The average target price remained unchanged at €5.40 per share, giving it a 20% upside potential compared to its last closing price. The amount also compares to an average target price for analysts covering 5.76 euros per share.

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The decrease was EDP Renováveis ​​(-1.67%), Jerónimo Martins (-0.5%) and Corticeira Amorim (-2.72%).