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The launcher makes Android running Windows 11, COD, Tomb Raider and more, see!  - Mobile games

The launcher makes Android running Windows 11, COD, Tomb Raider and more, see! – Mobile games

A player posted on Youtube the result of installing Window 11 mod on Android phone. Play PC games on smartphones like: Tomb Raider (2013), Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, and Cuphead. Details: Use a relatively old Android device, OnePlus 6T. See how this feat went.

Username edi194 has published a series of videos that play various PC games on Android. The first one was running the 2013 Tomb Raider game.

Tomb Raider “rodando” without Android entre 20fps and 30fps

In the video description, edi194 states that the game runs 100% on the Oneplus 6T CPU, which in this case is the Snapdragon 845. However, there is a huge wasted potential, as the GPU is rarely used. According to him, touch is also enabled.

Tomb Raider ran at less than 30 fps, 20-30 with some stuttering. The test was performed at the device’s native resolution, which is 1080p. It will be interesting to see what happens if he lowers the resolution to 720p or even 900p.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 “Running” on Android under 20fps

The gameplay for Android smartphones in Windows 11 in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 has never been as exciting as Tomb Raider. The game ran at under 20fps and had a lot of stuttering.

But it should be noted that, as I said above, the GPU is not fully used, and almost all of the processing load, according to edi194, is carried out by the CPU. If the Windows 11 mod driver is better implemented, it will be possible to run this better in the very near future.

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Cuphead ran very well

Cuphead is a 2D game that can be a bit heavy on entry-level laptops, but on the Oneplus 6T with Windows 11 it ran smoothly, hitting 60fps.

GTA IV Rolling is not Android.

GTA IV was another game that did relatively well.

Edi194 released a table where you can see all the tested games. paying off she is here.

Summary and other information

According to edi194, the touch screen was working, but this type of game obviously doesn’t have a touch interface. So use your keyboard and mouse to play. Also, according to him, Bluetooth and USB were working on the smartphone. Not working: Wifi, sound, sensors, cellular network.

The Windows 11 mod is made possible by the system’s compatibility with ARM processors and a “magic head” that makes the bootloader think it’s a Linux kernel.

To perform the solution, you need to completely format the device, unlock the bootloader, and replace it. At the moment, the mod only works with devices running Snapdragon 845, see Github project.

The project is relatively new and has a long way to go. Perhaps in the near future, this will branch into a Windows 11 emulator for Android and make it possible to run many PC games on mobile. But for now, it’s very experimental.

“Ah but today there is a flow and so on” … Xiu! All of this takes place completely offline!

With information from: Techblog