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The lawsuit against Apple alleges that iCloud's storage limit exploits users

The lawsuit against Apple alleges that iCloud's storage limit exploits users

A new lawsuit claims that Apple's iCloud storage limit exploits users, and the company also faces a competition problem.

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Introduced in 2011, the 5GB cap is the maximum that Apple offers to its users for free. Since then, almost unchanged since its introduction, those who want more space have to pay for upgrades.

newly Teamwork Apple claims iCloud storage practices are deceptive, with plaintiffs accusing the tech company of exploiting users with restricted free space and high upgrade fees.

Apple has a monopoly on iCloud users?

According to the Bloomberg LawThe lawsuit highlights Apple's strategy of artificially limiting free storage space and then charging exorbitant prices for the extra space. A tactic that allegedly stifles competition in the cloud storage market.

Moreover, it is worth noting that the company exercises great control over the users of its devices, forcing them to trust iCloud for frequent backups (which often saves users if the device is lost or stolen).

After investigation, several users reported receiving requests to update their iCloud storage in light of these backups.

For this operation, the 5GB free storage limit is a tactic designed to steer users to more expensive plans. This is because Apple allegedly gamed the system, anticipating that the majority of users would run out of free storage space and be forced to purchase additional storage space.

The process indicates that iCloud is the only service that supports certain file formats, such as apps and Apple device settings. Other platforms can be used, but only for photos and videos.

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Therefore, Apple's storage practices, more than being misguided, are an unfair advantage because they prevent other services from providing a comprehensive backup solution.

For industry experts, there does not appear to be any technical or security justification for this exclusivity imposed by Apple, as it is merely an attempt to control the market.

The case is being brought by Juliana Felix Gamboa, represented by Hagens Berman. This firm has a proven track record of success in cases against tech giants.