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The leaked document says that even employees do not use Metaverso da Meta

The leaked document says that even employees do not use Metaverso da Meta

One of the most important parts of the Metaverse that he dreams of Goal Horizon Worlds is a virtual reality app. The program allows immersion in virtual reality glasses, but it has many frequent errors and quality issues.

The statement is from internal company memos obtained by The Verge. The documentation says that even the Meta team doesn’t use the system, due to the lack of habit, the amount of glitches, and the poor performance of Horizon on hardware.

The document asks, “Why is this happening? Why don’t we love the product we build so much, that we use it all the time? The simple truth is, if we don’t love it, how can we expect our users to love it?”

In a follow-up memo dated September 30, MetaVice Vice President of Metaverse Vishal Shah said employees are still not using Horizon enough, saying he plans to encourage managers to get their teams together at Horizon at least once a week.

“Everyone in this organization must make it their mission to fall in love with Horizon Worlds. You can’t do this without using it. Get in there. Organize moments to do this with your colleagues or friends, both indoor and public buildings, so you can interact with our community” , the executive explained in the document.

Horizon launch may be delayed

The platform supports thousands of simultaneous users, as if it is an online game, compatibility with the Meta Quest headset from Released in December of last year. In early 2022, it reached a peak of 300,000 users, a number that has decreased over time, but can still increase as it reaches mobile phones and desktop computers through browsers.

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In one memoir, Shah called on the team to solve problems and hinted that the launch might be delayed. “Simply put, for an experience to be enjoyable and able to retain intelligence, it must be usable and well-designed,” he explained.

The CEO assured that the development team will be 100% focused until the project issues are resolved. He said comments from “creators, users, testers, and a lot of us on the team” were not positive, because “stability issues and bugs make it very difficult” for the community to experience the “magic of the horizon.”

The statement is impressive because Horizon’s graphics are far from “first class”. Selfie posted by Meta CEO, Mark ZuckerbergAnd the It became a joke because of the childish appearance Simplified presentation. He even reshot the image (see below) to show the evolution of the graphics, but it still isn’t convincing.

According to Vishal Shah, it is essential to create a better integration experience that is less “confusing and frustrating for users”. He insists that worlds must be visually appealing for the project to be successful. To that end, employees working on Horizon will reduce user growth targets in virtual reality, focusing more on the quality of the product itself, especially the web version.

Why not take off the horizon?

In a statement sent to The Verge, Meta spokeswoman Ashley Zandy said the company is “confident that the metaverse is the future of computing and that it should be built around people.” She said the company is “always making quality improvements and acting on feedback from the ‘Horizon’ fan community.” “This is a multi-year journey and we will continue to improve what we have built,” the memo concluded.

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How can something that seems so simple still have bugs and optimization issues? The difficulty is likely to center on processing power and data transfer between servers and computers.

Creating a game with realistic graphics is like the Call of Duty franchise, where up to 200 players battle in an area, with almost everything processed by the local computer. Another thing is to do it for a server of 300,000 people, who access the environment from low-power devices and modest mobile phones, with the entire energy focused in the cloud.

The concept of the Metaverse is not new, nor are the ideas similar to the Meta. a second life gameFor example, he has already proposed a continuous virtual world in which people can perform various activities online, such as playing pool in a pub, walking on the beach, or even having virtual sex.

Zuckerberg promised to share more news about Horizon and other members of the “Metaverse Family” on Annual Metaconnect Conferencescheduled for October 11. Will there be any surprises or is it old Facebook Will he keep the original proposal?

source: the edge