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The letter "M" remains on the brand - Executive Summary

The letter “M” remains on the brand – Executive Summary

A new name for the McDonald’s restaurant chain in Russia has been announced: Mc. In this way, the letter “M” may still be associated with the brand.

According to the Russian newspaper “Izvestia”, which obtained the information from a source in the restaurant market, even the menus will remain as similar as possible to the classic menu of the North American chain, with only minor changes in the names of the dishes.

About the deal, the source explained to the Russian newspaper, “The American company has a choice: in a few years it can buy back its assets.”

“About 600 McDonald’s restaurants were acquired” by Alexandre Gauveur, “who previously ran 25 restaurants. The source added that the company appears to be interested in returning to Russia.

The American fast food company announced last week that it would begin the process of selling its business in Russia after 30 years of operating in the region, due to the invasion of Ukraine.

“The humanitarian crisis caused by the war in Ukraine, and the accelerated and unpredictable operating environment, have led McDonald’s to conclude that continued business ownership in Russia is no longer sustainable, and is incompatible with McDonald’s values,” the company said in a statement. press release.

In March, the company had already made a decision to temporarily close all restaurants in Russia, although it said it would continue to pay employees. Recently, McDonald’s said its 2022 results included $127 million (about 119 million euros) in pre-tax operating expenses to support the company’s business in Russia and Ukraine.

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