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Venstreleiar Guri Melby

The Liberal Party Wants 40,000 NATO Soldiers for Eastern Europe – NRK Oryx – Foreign News & Documentaries

The case is updated.

NATO has its own force designed for use in such situations. We may think that this force should now be deployed with our allies in Eastern Europe. Melby tells NRK that this is a 40,000-strong force that is to be used in precisely this type of crisis situation.

NATO leader Jens Stoltenberg said at a press conference on February 16 that the force is on high alert

left leader She notes that she thinks mainly of the Balkan countries, but also of Georgia. As for Ukraine, she indicated that a UN mandate might be needed to send troops there.

Asks questions about Norway’s relations with Russia

The force consists of rotating soldiers from member states, 13,700 soldiers from Germany this year.

The important thing, Melby says, is to mobilize and equip the force.

Norwegian soldiers in the force should also participate?

Yes, they should, says Melby, who also questions Norway’s relations with Russia

– And then I think there should be a discussion in Norway now about Norway’s relations with Russia. Russia is one of our neighboring countries. We work with them in many areas. It is worth asking the question now whether this cooperation can continue, she says and continues.

I think it cannot continue as it is now, with a country that has fought a full-scale war against democracy, she says.

Melby is pleased that the Prime Minister condemns the attacks and calls them a black day in European history.

This is a dangerous moment in the history of Europe. Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Store (Labour) tells NRK that the situation is tragic for women and children in Ukraine who are now under attack from all sides.

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From night to Thursday it became clear that Military operation is underway in eastern Ukraine. Explosions were heard in Kiev. Several other cities were attacked.

Serious violation of international law

The Prime Minister points out that the attack was somehow announced.

– It’s been talked about for a long time. What was predicted is happening and we just have to very clearly condemn this attack, which goes against international law, continues Store.

The Prime Minister says Norway condemns the attack.

Photo: Geir Bjarte Hjetland / NRK

– It violates Ukraine’s clear right to sovereignty and has no basis in the principles of international law, and Norway will stand with its allies and partners in response to this matter and care about the current situation in Europe, he said.

Store notes that Ukraine is a non-NATO country, and therefore NATO’s collective defense does not motivate this.

– But Russia should note that they are attacking some basic principles of international law, which also apply to relations between states in Europe, says the prime minister, who notes that there are now children, women and men in Ukraine who live in fear of a war machine rolling in and hitting them from air.

The suffering and fear they will suffer worry me. We have to go to World War II to see the extent of this kind of invasion.

– What would you say to ordinary Norwegians who now fear war in Norway?

– We don’t have any hints about that. Calm is on our borders. I understand, and there is a reason, that we Norwegians are concerned about the kind of military violence that comes here. Now we will stand with those close to us, and this will strengthen our security.

– Important with the general reaction

The Prime Minister points out that Europe has every opportunity to resolve this kind of political issue and disagreement in a political way.

It has been encouraged and facilitated for a long time, and Russia has consistently chosen not to. The importance now is that you have a thorough reaction. Stand with European nations, across the Atlantic and the international community, so that Russia gets this message very clearly, he says.

Other Norwegian politicians also commented on the situation in the morning. Conservative Party leader Erna Solberg calls it a black day in Europe.

– A comprehensive international response is needed to Putin’s violation of international law, Solberg writes on Twitter.

NRK Elections Erna Solberg speaks at an election vigil for the Conservative Party after the election defeat.  Election vigil in Oslo on election day September 13, 2021. Photo: Eskil Wie Furunes/NRK

Erna Solberg comments on the attack on Ukraine.

Photo: Eskil Wie Furunes / NRK

SV also reacts strongly to what is happening. The leader, Udon Lisbakken, says they strongly condemn the Russian attack on Ukraine.

– Putin’s regime violates international law and chooses violence as a tool to impose its will on a neighboring country. It is very unfortunate and tragic that this is happening in Europe today. Our solidarity is with the people of Ukraine, and SV supports international pressure to get Russia to end its illegal and unacceptable war, Lysbakken told NRK.

The deputy speaker of Parliament of the FRP party, Hans-Andreas Lemmy, strongly condemns the attack.

We witness with shock and disbelief that Russia is attacking Ukraine, an independent country in Europe. We strongly condemn the Russian invasion of Ukraine. He adds that Ukraine has the right to decide its own future.

Only Russia can be held responsible for the death and destruction caused by this attack. This is a terrible day for Ukraine and the Ukrainians. This is a dark and tragic day for all of Europe, Lemy says.

“We have awakened to a new chapter in European history today and the party is concerned about innocent and civilian children, women and men,” says KrF leader Olaug Bolllestad.

It is a dark day for Europe. She says we stand with Ukraine and the Ukrainian people and strongly condemn the Russian attack Calls for cooperation with allies and further assistance.

Norway must be ready to increase our assistance and support to the Ukrainian people. The country is now going through a humanitarian crisis with more than 3 million people in need of humanitarian assistance. It says any escalation as we see it now could hit the civilian population hard, and it is likely that many people will be forced to flee.