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The “Life as a Scientist” exhibition celebrates women in science at FMUSP

The “Life as a Scientist” exhibition celebrates women in science at FMUSP

Starting May 5, the Museum of the University of São Paulo School of Medicine will host the exhibition “Life as a Scientist,” a tribute to the female genius in science, which offers a unique insight into the brilliant minds behind scientific discoveries.

Since 2019, the exhibition – organized by the Braco Foundation – has toured several cities around the world. In this edition, four Brazilian scientists join the Hall of Honorees: Prova. Eloisa Bonfa, Director of FMUSP; Professor Angelita Haber Gama, FMUSP Honorary Doctor of Surgery; Professor Alet Bouskila, President of the UERJ and President of the National Academy of Medicine; and Professor Esther Sabino, Head of the Department of Pathology at FMUSP.

Through photos and stories, visitors will have the opportunity to connect with the achievements and explore the journey of these remarkable women in the pursuit of knowledge. “It is a great honor for FMUSP to host this exhibition and reveal the pioneering role of women in science. “I feel even more proud to have been chosen as a representative of the many wonderful women we have in Brazil,” says Prof. Eloisa Bonfa.

The exhibition has institutional support from Bracco Imaging do Brasil, the Radiology Institute of the Hospital das Clínicas of the University of São Paulo, the Sociedade Paulista de Radiologia, the National Academy of Medicine, the Consulate General of Italy in São Paulo and the Italian Society. Sao Paulo Chamber of Commerce.


Dates: From May 5 to June 3, 2024

Business hours: Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m

Location: FMUSP Museum – Dr. Arnaldo Street, 455 – Main Building, 4th Floor

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