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The Light of the Darkness, Brazilian Metroidvania wins the place at the end of NG21

The Light of the Darkness, Brazilian Metroidvania wins the place at the end of NG21

the light of dark

North Discovery Game Contest (NGDC) is online and on the go with its fifth season, presenting the latest ranking achieved in Italy, specifically online and with the conference Contact DStars.

the light of darkQUARTOMUNDO combines the advancement, exploration, and role-playing of Castlevania with history, dialogue, and theories of Legacy of Kain fans. It is a style game MetroidvaniaInspired by beloved classics. Explore the lands of oblivion, a cursed place between worlds of light and darkness. Play as the first and only hybrid in an interesting world, with a very interesting narration and an original story.

“We couldn’t be happier with the Nordic Game to accept us in the competition. QUARTOMUNDO CEO Fernando Rapello said” Dark Light “has been around for a while, but after beating NGDC during DStars in Italy, it’s as if we really are On the indie games map. “We’ve gotten a lot of attention and a lot of good things happen to us. From an independent developer perspective, NGDC is simply a great initiative! “

The game is currently on Alpha, but you can sign up to watch it or to wish-list steam It is updated when you access the trial version. You can findthe light of darkWithout steam Click here.

The chosen game will win a seat in the NGDC Grand Final in the November issue of NG21 in Malmö, Sweden, as well as awards from Xsolla, Microsoft, WhisperGames, PR experts and game branding.

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About Quartomondo:

QUARTOMUNDO is a 3D animation and game development studio based in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. “We make games for people to have fun, of course, but also to tell stories about important issues in life. At the moment, we believe that intolerance is a closely related topic that we should all talk about, so we decided to develop a Metroidvania-style game that revolves around the story of Sephius, the hybrid. The first and only in a world divided between two rival ancient dynasties: the Pales and Darks.

Sobre Nordic Discovery Competition:

After fourteen years of organizing successful game industry activities, including the annual Nordic Game Conference, regional funding programs, third-party networking events and other developer support initiatives, Nordic Game launched the Nordic Game Discovery Contest (NGDC) in 2016 – an exciting and competitive challenge, Selected game designs are presented directly in launch competitions in Europe and around the world. Learn more about all of the NGDC Season 4 qualifiers and prepare for Season 5 at:

About Northern Game Conference:

Nordic Game is Europe’s leading gaming conference, and 2021 falls on both versions 19 and 20. Nordic Game gathers thousands of professionals annually in Malmö, and is the only “home” meeting place for highly successful game developers from Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden. NG21 will take place from 26-28 May and in November, after its digital debut last year on NG20 and with little knowledge, enthusiasm and business on NG20 +.