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The lion with the spirit of a warrior breaks the negative cycle

The lion with the spirit of a warrior breaks the negative cycle

Fate becomes decisive again and signals a goal that signals the return of victories. The lost leader relies on Adan to secure the Three Points in Faro.

The goal of Pedro Gonçalves allowed Sporting to beat Farnes (1-0), yesterday, at the Sao Luis stadium, and return to victories in the league. Three points suffered, but it made it possible for the captain to stop the bleeding of negative results – two back-to-back draws – and open an advantage, albeit on condition, over FC Porto, who only enter the field tomorrow.

Sporting won, but did not make a convincing bid. It was basically a team fighting and warrior with occasional twists. More than showing a high standard, he had adapted to the circumstances, gained an advantage, but he did not know how to close the discussion. He ended up suffering at the hands of Adam.

11 Jorge Costa took on the duel with an open chest, fought back and kept the debate open until the end. He failed to materialize the offensive game, because of his mistake, but also because of the invincible Adam.

Balance prevailed in the first stage of the discussion with a live battle to conquer the midfield, always on ‘tight’ ground.

With little time to think, Algarves bet on the first-hand game, while Little and Little Lions attempted to instill greater standards in offensive actions. Daniel Bragança and João Mario took the role and the group enjoyed the best opportunities. Beto denied the story to Coates, but was previously unable to stop Bout’s shot.

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The fight maintained its intensity in the supplementary phase, although there were greater chances of goals. Adán and Beto both excelled in the cat fashion before Pedro Henriques and Paulinho respectively. Although the green and white striker also showed a lot of hesitation.

Eleven Robin Amorim improved the cross-sector linkage, capitalizing on the Algarve’s biggest advance, but failed to score goals and left the discussion open.

Mancila was about to catch the lion, but Adam was incurable.


Denied the success of Pedro Henrique and Mancila. And imitate Beto Spaniard in the range of Argravia.


Bad approach by Cesar who blocked the ball for Bout’s shot. Paulinho is, once again, a waster.


A grave mistake in not being punished for the overthrow of Thomas Tavares by Beno Mendes in the Lyon region.