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The looks of the summer party SIC - Atualidade

The looks of the summer party SIC – Atualidade

The Cuá Cuá Club in Almancil, Algarve, has opened its doors to many well-known faces of the SIC summer party.

The station broadcast for a little over an hour what happened at the event, a broadcast in which several presenters, such as João Paulo Sousa, Iva Lamarão, Carolina Patrocínio and Cláudia Borges, participated.

Among the most commented on social media are Diana Chavez, Claudia Vieira and Andrea Rodriguez, all with looks that fit perfectly with this season of the year.

Below, we leave you photos of the most unique visual elements.

In a long dress with some transparency, Diana Chaves He should have been talking about audacity and creativity. However, the presenter’s hairstyle was not unanimously received on social media.

Claudia Vieira She chose a long white dress with a blue pattern that is easy to associate with summer. The bronze presented by the lieutenant colonel did not go unnoticed.

In black with a bag to complete the look, Andrea Rodriguez She chose a young dress that she wore with green sandals.

Joao Paulo Sousa Spread elegance with a pink tuxedo.

Carolina Care He presented himself with two different looks to the party. The first is a green array where the belly can be seen and the second is completely white that was used during the broadcast that the channel broadcasts.

For the occasion, Janie Gabrielle opted for a white outfit that accentuated her bronze. Large earrings completed the look.

Iva Lamarão showed off in a greenish-yellow dress with lots of glitter and a petite neckline.

Claudia Borges opted for a short white dress that left her back completely exposed. The long braid was chosen by the presenter.

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In pink and with long sleeves, this is how Sofia Arruda introduced herself.

Renato Godinho wore a comfortable floral shirt, accompanied by blue pants and white sneakers.

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