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The L'Oréal president defends the "science and motherhood need to work together" society

The L’Oréal president defends the “science and motherhood need to work together” society

Seventeenth edition of 2022 Women in Science Awardan initiative of L’Oréal Brasil in partnership with the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (Unesco) and the Brazilian Academy of Sciences (ABC), took place on Wednesday night (30), in Rio in January.

In an exciting event the subject of which is the future Sciencesscientist and “anti-racist hacker” Nina Da Hora, special guest, read a direct message from 2030where he talks about his dreams to Brazilian scientists.

And I remembered that a lot of work needs to be done in order for wishes to come true, like Gender and race inequality Among scientists it is still huge. But he ended with an optimistic message, urging everyone to enjoy the joy of being Brazilian not only in science, but in life.

Special guest scientist Nina Da Hora reads a Direct Message from 2030 at the 2022 Awards for Women in Science – Image: Patrick Gomez/Disclosure

Before Nina, at the opening of the awards, Marcelo Zimmet, President of L’Oréal Brasil, had already pointed out these disparities and highlighted the fact that four of the seven winners this year are mothers. L’Oreal is also aware of this challenge. Having a child affects a woman’s career, science and Obstetrics We need to walk together.”

L’Oréal Brasil President Marcelo Zimmet – Image: Patrick Gomez/Disclosure

This year, the award had an amendment in the regulations to attract mother scientists to register their work. One of the winners was not present because her son was born on November 20th. “The world needs science, and science needs more women like you,” Zimmet told the researchers.

The President of the Brazilian Academy of Sciences, Helena NaderHe added that this type of award is important to inspire new generations. She said, “You are winners and role models for young girls and teens to want to be like you.”

Helena Nader, President of the Brazilian Academy of Sciences – Photo: Patrick Gomez/Disclosure

This year’s Women in Science Prize brought together researchers from all regions of Brazil in four categories. In Life Sciences, the winners were Patricia Endo, Tathian Malta, Gisley Cardoso de Mello, and Grazel Sills Teodoro; In “Chemical Science” the winner was Giovanna Battaglione; In “Physical Sciences”, Fernanda Silingardi is honored; In Mathematical Sciences, Diane Aparecida Zwanetti won. Learn more about what each of them does🇧🇷

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