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The luxury furniture brand that has achieved success in Brazil has opened a store in Portugal – NiT

The luxury furniture brand that has achieved success in Brazil has opened a store in Portugal – NiT

Sierra: The luxury furniture brand that has been a success in Brazil has opened a store in Portugal

From colors to textures, all pieces can be customized by a team of experts. It is the first space in Europe.

Finally it reached Europe.

When Louis Andre Tissot founded a furniture brand in a small town in Rio Grande do Sul in 1990, he never imagined it would become a success. The designer comes from a family with a tradition of making wooden items, and began his work as an importer of luxury goods signed by Italian designers.

After 34 years, the business continues to grow and production has moved to South America, and the company has more than 70 points of sale in Brazil alone and 30 points of sale across the border. However, it still needs to reach a “demanding and qualified market” like Europe.

On Thursday, March 21, Sierra opened in Portugal the first luxury furniture store in Europe. The area is approximately 600 meters with solid wood offerings “fatto a mano” and is located in Braco de Prata, in Lisbon, more precisely in the Prata Riverside Village development.

“Coming to Portugal has something to do with my family’s dream of moving here. “It is a land that has always welcomed us very well,” Adriana Beatriz, the brand’s current CEO, who has more than 25 years of experience as an interior designer, tells NiT. The perfect entry point.”

The goal is to bring a little Brazilian DNA to the national territory, while maintaining respect for European design. After all, the Sierra has deep roots in the Old Continent. The proposals are created in the municipality of Gramado, a small Italian village in southern Brazil. Everything takes place in an industrial complex with an area of ​​​​more than 80 thousand square meters.

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Under the saying “more than just a piece of furniture”, there is a concept behind the proposals, as the brand is all about comfort. “Luxury is a very personal thing. For many, luxury is coming home, carefree, and sitting in a nice armchair to watch a movie. There is no need to buy jewellery,” adds the brand's export director, Milton Segata.

Raw materials are the starting point. In addition to solid wood, the catalog also includes natural leathers, such as hides. “Everything that is not natural is recycled. “We are concerned about the environment,” Adriana emphasizes.

At Braco di Prata the team found a space large enough to display the best examples of this philosophy. The idea is that customers can come in and try every option — from seating to armchairs — and get the “Sierra experience,” as they call it.

In a space, all proposals can be customized, from finishes to textures, colors or fabrics. The organization is carried out on site, depending on the client's taste, always with the support of a team composed of consultants, architects and interior designers.

“Our idea is to work on the turnkey delivery side. The person comes, sits down, chooses and can now take the furniture,” says the export manager. “We specify, customize and export if desired. Within about 90 days, it was delivered.”

Portugal, which continues to represent strong demand for the brand, will continue to focus on Sierra. But the expansion will not stop there. The team is already in talks with Spanish businessmen, and is also participating in specific projects in France and England. “The market has responded very well to our listing.”

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Sierra prices start from 150 euros location From the brand. Click through the gallery to see some of our best-selling offers.