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The "luxury yacht" of the ruling oligarch mysteriously disappears - VG

The “luxury yacht” of the ruling oligarch mysteriously disappears – VG

Reserved: Amadea superyacht, which is said to have links to billionaire Suleiman Karimov, according to the Guardian, has been confiscated in Fiji.

The luxury yachts of Russian oligarchs literally go “under the radar” to avoid sanctions.


Since the Russian invasion of Ukraine, at least 13 luxury yachts have been seized. At the same time, more tracking systems are disappearing.

A poll conducted by the Guardian newspaper observer This weekend, it is revealed that at least one in six superyachts belonging to Britain’s approved oligarchs in Russia has “disappeared” from tracking systems. Writes Watchman.

Analysts tell the newspaper that there has been an increase in the number of yachts with Russian links that have turned off the AIS automatic identification system. The system is commonly used to track large ships.

Reserved: A crew member washes the bow of the luxury yacht Faye, after it was seized by the National Crime Agency in London, March 29, 2022. The boat has a Russian connection.

In some cases, there may be good reasons to turn off the identification system, but according to the observer, there are many indications that some ships are simply trying to avoid detection.

“economic weapons”

In response to Russia’s unlawful attacks on Ukraine, the European Union, Britain, and the United States have imposed wide-ranging sanctions on the Putin regime. “Economic weapons” are directed especially at the Russian oligarchy.

Owners of the “disappearing” yachts know with almost certainty that they are the target of international fishing for the very wealthy Russians. And now it looks like there are more people trying to hide.

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Spotted: Roman Abramovich’s luxury Solaris yacht in Barcelona in March. The yacht has 48 rooms on eight decks, and an outdoor beach club on the rooftop.

An analysis of data from the Observer of AIS shows that several superyachts have been missing without a trace for more than one month.

A crew member on one of the UK-sanctioned superyachts told the Observer they had been asked to turn off the identification system.

– We removed the screws of the plug and pulled it out.

Russia’s elite: Lenoid Mikhelson (H), CEO of Russian gas company Novatek, with President Vladimir Putin. The photo was taken on December 1, 2021, when they together visited the GES-2 Art Center in Moscow.

luck It was reported this week that a luxury yacht linked to Leonid Mikhelson – Russia’s richest after President Putin – was recently identified after nearly two weeks without sharing the position. The luxury yacht has been seen in the Mediterranean, outside Malta, according to Bloomberg.

Sailing without a positioned transmitter is against international maritime law.

Luxury yachts were captured all over the world – from France to Fiji. Its total value is currently around 17.5 billion NOK.