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The magician uses the AirTag to monitor his suitcase, but the airline has done the magic and gone

The magician uses the AirTag to monitor his suitcase, but the airline has done the magic and gone

The magician used an Apple Locator, an AirTag, and a second plane ticket to retrieve his bag, which had magically disappeared. Worse than not having your gear is seeing and hearing United Airlines lying about the location of baggage.

AirTag doesn't lie...but the airline does

Once again, Apple's AirTag saved the day for the United Airlines traveler. This time, magician Danny Orleans was traveling from Chicago to Newark to perform at a fair when he realized a United magic trick had made his bag disappear.

As I mentioned insideOrleans checked your bag through United and put an AirTag inside. The luggage contained $1,500 (about €1,350) worth of audio equipment, essential for his New York performance.

When his flight landed, he consulted the Find My app on his iPhone. The app revealed that the suitcase made the journey with him safely from Chicago to Newark. As such, Orleans went to the baggage claim area to wait for her suitcase to appear on the carousel, but she never did.

Thanks to the AirTag, the magician knew the suitcase was in Newark. Research consulted and He saw that the bag was still on the track.

Photo magician Danny Orleans showed airline services still refusing to accept that they gave false information about supposedly missing baggage.

Armed with this information, Orleans agreed to speak with United Customer Service. At the desk, he was told his bag "wasn't in Newark because it wasn't checked in."

The man confronted United as they lie. He showed the airline employee his cell phone, which clearly showed that the suitcase was in Newark and on the tarmac. The United employee was not convinced and told Orleans there was nothing the airline could do for him at that time. instead of, She offered to send the bag to your hotel within five business daysbut Orleans had only been in town for three days and needed sound equipment for their show.

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Technology exposed the inefficiency

Orleans, already desperate, decided to take matters into his own hands. He analyzed the AirTag location in the Find My app and determined that the bag was most likely at Gate 90... even though the plane landed at Gate 113.

So he decided to go himself and collect his goods. However, there was a problem: the only way to get back to Orleans Entering the airport was from baggage claim to purchase another ticket. Knowing he needed that bag to feature on his show, Orleans did just that. It wasn't magic, it was clairvoyance to solve the problem.

As such, Orléans Fully refundable ticket purchase To Boston, he went through security and headed to door number 90. Then he looked out the window and saw his suitcase there on the tarmac, alone in the middle of nowhere.

I was sitting on the ring. What's most frustrating is that someone walked past the luggage while I was watching, and simply walked past it, as if it wasn't up to them to get it.

He mentioned magician Danny Orleans.

The man explained his problem to an employee close to United who stepped in to save the day and said he had never seen "this kind of thing before".

The employee then went to the track to retrieve the bag, while Orleans watched from the window. The clerk was unable to bring the bag directly to Orleans, but sent it through the appropriate channels for delivery to baggage claim, where Orleans was finally able to pick it up - Four hours after your flight lands.

Everything is resolved. It's a true story with a happy ending. It was a strange experience, when I saw my luggage left on the runway.

On Wednesday, Orleans received an email from United. Not to apologize for the situation, but to "let him know that they are still looking for his bag and that they will call him when they find it."

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