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The malware infects iOS via iMessage and requires no user interaction

The malware infects iOS via iMessage and requires no user interaction

Security issues are not normal on iOS or macOS. Apple takes great care in protecting its operating systems and making sure that they are immune to problems. A new threat spreads and attacks the iOS system with a simple message that infects this system without the user having to do anything.

There is a new malware attacking the iPhone

This is it new threat And that until now was not known in iOS. The name of the campaign using this malware is, at the moment, Operation Triangulation, which is trying to infect many users of this Apple product, completely silently.

His way of behaving is the same as many others already seen in the past. A simple message sent to iMessage has the potential to infect iOS with this malware and it will arrive completely silently, without the user having to take any action.

iMessage starts the process

Once infected, and again silently, it attempts to steal user data. By gaining administrator permissions on iOS, something that seems simple because of the alleged flaw it exploits, it quickly gains access to the most sensitive areas of the Apple system.

At this moment, you can still connect to the remote server and download and install some additional code. Here you will collect information and send it to your destination, where you will deliver all data collected from the user.

Apple should solve the user's problem

There is also an interesting feature that makes it quieter. After executing the function for which it was set up, this malware attempts to erase all traces of its interference. He goes so far as to delete the iMessage that led him into iOS.

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Interestingly, after this attack occurred, Russia came to accuse The United States they use to infect the equipment of government employees. The NSA is specifically accused of running this campaign, which it will carry out with the presumed help of Apple.