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“The Man has put the team together well.”  Estrella beat Sporting 26 years ago

“The Man has put the team together well.” Estrella beat Sporting 26 years ago

Hey Sporting will visit the legendary José Gomez Stadium in Ribolera to face Estrela da Amadora, tomorrow, Friday. A match that predictably went in the Lions' favour, due to the current moment (1st versus 13th) and the historical record – the last time Estrela beat Sporting in Rebolera was 25 years ago.

Curiously, This Friday, this game turns 26 years old – On March 29, 1998, the amateurs celebrated the victory over Sporting, led by Carlos Manuel. The two teams will now face each other again on the same date.

Hey Sports per minute I spoke to one of the Estrella da Amadora players who played in that match. Carlos ChiñoThe former footballer says he remembers that match well, which started with an early free kick from Assis, Ronaldinho Gaucho's brother, but ended with two goals from substitute Renato Angus.

“I remember it well, it was a complicated match. Sporting had a great team, but we were too strong at home. Barring any error, we beat the big three at home. Renato played a great game, appearing in these big matches. It was easy to finish, we turned things around and it's been an ongoing achievement so far. We had a very capable team, we were confident, we knew our weaknesses, but we ran more. We had a very cohesive team, with players who made the difference, like Velek, Renato Angus and Fonseca… We were very capable of playing at home. I saw these pictures recently,” says the former midfielder.

[Carlos Chaínho em ação pelo Estrela da Amadora]© Courtesy of Carlos Chiño

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Chaínho explains in detail why this game works Fernando Santos, Estrella's coach, as a key player. “We knew each other well on the pitch, and we were in a position where we wanted to do the best qualification ever. 'The Man' put the team together well, and we worked well this week. We trained in the Almada, in the Marina, which had a huge field. The lecture was essential. I don't remember anything about the celebrations, but when we won, we always celebrated. “After the match, we often went to dinner,” says the former Porto player.

It was not uncommon for Estrela to train at this stadium, as the club only had the main stadium at Estádio José Gomes, at “various” times in Portuguese football. The times he spent with other heroes, which Chainyou remembers with nostalgia.

There was Sa Pinto and Beto… Playing against Ossiano and Vidigal was no joke

“Assis batted very well. There was Sa Pinto and Beto… Playing against Ossiano and Vidigal was no joke. There was quality at the other end and we had to beat ourselves. I loved playing against them, because of the characteristics they have, and because of their commitment. It made me happy,” adds the Portuguese-Angolan.

Sporting represents a bridge to the present, which is nepotism, at a time when it scored 75 goals, conceded 25, and only two defeats in the tournament. In contrast, Estrella scored only 25 goals. However, five of their six wins have been achieved at home.

I don't believe in unbeatable teams. Sporting is competing for the title, but Estrella is difficult at home. They have good players, a coach who prepares his teams well. I really like him. [Sérgio Vieira]. Obviously it won't be easy, but if Sporting want to win this match, they will have to run more and sweat more. Estrella is a team that does not give up,” said Carlos Chainho.

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