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"The man will have sex and is it her fault?"

“The man will have sex and is it her fault?”

On August 5th this Thursday, another diary titled “O Amor Happen”, moderated by Mafalda de Castro, was broadcast on TVI. One of the topics discussed by Helena Isabel, Andrea Philip and Luisa Castel Branco was the conversation between spouses Flora and Diogo, with the contestant confessing:

“I’ve already been with one of Benfica. And if I say I’ve been with X, A or B, it’s because I was. And I have screenshots of what I was with the person, and I have screenshots of the person’s conversations saying “Where are you? Because I’m going to understand you, I don’t know what… I have fingerprints from that…”.

In this follow-up and after hearing Andrea Philip mention: “I don’t want to see the messages because I don’t know who the Benfica player is and I don’t know if he has a wife and children… I feel sorry… for the family’s exposure”, Luisa Castel-Branko was disgusted:

“If he has a wife, that’s his problem…It’s something that makes me sick…”Poor man, if he’s married”… I have a crazy feather! So the man will mature and is it her fault? for God! He loves to eat outside! It’s like that, women always know who’s eating out! (…)”.

As for the competitor Flora, her statements and positions on the program, Luisa Castel Branco felt “ashamed”:

“I am so embarrassed (…) when you look at Flora, I am deeply saddened that she is definitely not a bad girl, just that she is into herself, He makes an impression on me because he wants to be as good as possible and I think there’s a lot of insecurity deep down.”

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