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The Marvel Hero will be getting the game by the creators of Dishonored

The Marvel Hero will be getting the game by the creators of Dishonored

The game created by the Bethesda studio still has no release date or mention of potential Xbox exclusivity

December 8th
– 7:55 pm

(Updated on 9/12/2023 at 01:13)

After release Marvel Spider-Man And its sequence-Game ads WolverineIron Man, Captain America, Black Panther, many have wondered who the next superhero will be. marvel Coming to video games. This answer came during a ceremony Game prizes In the form of unexpected revelations of adaptation to code.

Photo: Reproduction/Arcan Lyon/Canaltech

Blade Vampire Hunter He’s about to appear once and for all in the Marvel Cinematic Universe And everything seems to be stacking up in his favor now, as Arkane Lyon, a Bethesda Softworks studio, is in charge of creating a new game based on the character.


The announcement only brought a cinematic scene that does not show any gameplay, but it reveals the appearance of the hero and the atmosphere of the production itself. Furthermore, the developers took to the stage at TGA 2023 to talk a little about the project, revealing that the idea is part of the celebrations of Blade’s 50th year of existence in the Marvel Comics timeline. So the game is a gift for its fans, even if it doesn’t have a confirmed release date yet.

in Marvel BladePlayers will take control of a vampire hunter in a closed area of ​​Paris in the middle of a supernatural emergency. With vampires attacking the Parisians, there is only one person left who can fight them at any time of the day to prevent a greater evil.

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Is it exclusive to Xbox or not?

The thing that caught attention during the announcement Marvel Blade Is that at no point did it appear to be an Xbox exclusive game. Since it was produced by Arkane Lyon, a Bethesda studio that is in turn owned by Microsoft, many found this omission of the game’s potential exclusivity strange.

An angry, elegant blade (Photo: Reproduction / Arkane Lyon)

An angry, elegant blade (Photo: Reproduction / Arkane Lyon)

Photo: ChannelTech

Microsoft itself when talking about the game sends everyone to Link to Bethesda website, as there is no mention that it will not be released for other consoles. Will PlayStation 5 players also be able to enjoy Blade’s adventure or is it just a matter of time before Xbox players get their own exclusive Marvel game?

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