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Fernando Pereira, Dragao A Mascara

‘The mask’. Dragon’s identity revealed

The Dragon’s identity is already known on SIC’s “A Máscara”.

This Saturday, January 15, the identity of Dragão was revealed on the SIC show “A Máscara”. The celebrity hiding in disguise is Fernando Pereira.

Putting the last position on the three least-voted disguises, namely swans, the Dragon e Skeleton. The investigators’ vote dictated the passage of the Swans and Skeletons to the semi-finals of the program.

the Dragon He was the least voted and ended up being disqualified from the program. The researchers had no doubts and they all bet on Fernando Pereira and … they got it right.

Jackpot, A Global Case Study, The Man of a Thousand Voices. A very dear person to everyone‘, remembered by Joao Manzara.

I have to say I had so much fun when production called me to join this show, this gig. First, because it is a program in which the content is talent, music, humor and party, and this is the best content that can be found on any channel.“, He said Fernando Pereira.

It is the only software that offers a sauna for free. I had so much fun in these seven sessionsHe added in a joking tone.

Asked what it was like to live the experience, the impostor said: “It is very difficult to keep a secret, even from my family, from all my collaborators, it was very difficult“.

Fashion this season

ready (Barbara Guimarães) Sausage (Jorge Fonseca), Orangutans (Tino de Rance), locusts (Carolina care), heart’s Queen (Luana Beovani), soil (Soraya Tavares), kato, dick, skeleton, viking e swans.

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