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‘The mask’. Roster’s identity has been revealed

This Saturday, January 22, Roster’s identity was revealed on SIC’s “A Máscara.”

Roster’s identity in SIC’s “A Máscara” is already known. The celebrity hiding in disguise is Fernando Rocha.

On this Saturday program, the disguise acted in competition and in a final vote, the least voted a rooster, ended up being disqualified from the program. The inquisitors had no doubts and they all bet on Fernando Rocha and … they got it right.

It gives me great pleasure to have here one of the biggest stars of humor in Portugal, the great Fernando Rocha. Not only is he funny, he sings like he’s got enough… Few people know that“, by saying João Manzarra.”I don’t sing anythingThe comedian’s reaction.

It was such a shame that someone had a joke here on the show and your parents talk a little, yes and noThe presenter said. “There was a time when I thought “I really screwed up”, I said in Offline “Is everything ok?” “Awesome,” I answered, and I thought I couldn’t say anything else, just yes and no“, He said Fernando.

Asked what it was like to live the experience, the impostor said: “It was great, I can’t repeat it, because if I could repeat it again“.

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