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The MDGs want to hold a referendum on the European Union

The MDGs want to hold a referendum on the European Union

It is time to start membership negotiations, believes the Millennium Development Goals, which presented negotiations on Wednesday suggestion In Parliament.

The Norwegian people have the right to have an informed debate on our most important political issues. Norwegian Parliament representative Rasmus Hansson at NTB says it is unsustainable for the Norwegian EU debate to be stifled forever due to fear of communication and fearful party strategists.

The party agreed with the EU's position at last year's national meeting. Hanson now hopes that the debate will begin in Parliament, and he hopes that the proposal will contribute to achieving this.

-The world is changing very quickly now. He says that it is the duty of politics now to think about the matter and give people the opportunity to think about it.

We want a binding referendum

In the proposal, the government is asked to take the lead in negotiations with the European Union. The goal is to come up with draft conditions for Norway's membership.

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The final draft of the agreement must be put to a referendum. The result should be bandages, the proposal says.

It is not known whether other parties will support the Millennium Development Goals. Both the right and the left want Norway's membership. Hanson hopes that the time has come to open the discussion seriously.

“I really hope that the politicians and parties in Parliament have the backbone to support this proposal,” he says.

I think people have the right to debate

The proposal comes the day before the EEA inquiry is tabled. In the fall of 2022, the government set up a committee to look into experiences related to the EEA Agreement and the agreements other countries have concluded with the EU. But the Commission was not mandated to investigate alternatives to the EEA.

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The Millennium Development Goals indicate that much has changed since the referendum 30 years ago. Hanson believes people have the right to have an informed debate about our most important political issues.

– It is a democratic assault if more than half of the people are not soon allowed to discuss an important issue like the European Union. He says the Swedes and Finns were able to rethink NATO within a few months when it collapsed in Ukraine.