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The medical entity says e-cigarettes can cause difficulty sleeping

The medical entity says e-cigarettes can cause difficulty sleeping

Also known as “vape”, Electronic cigarettes It gained popularity because it was sold as a less harmful alternative cigarette common. However, experts pointed out that the electronic device is associated with diseases and risks similar to those found in the traditional version, such as asthma And emphysema. Furthermore, the Brazilian Sleep Association (ABS) recently pointed out that e-cigarettes could contribute to another problem: sleepless nights.

Nicotine is present in both regular and electronic cigarettes, and is a psychostimulant, just like caffeine. Although it initially causes a feeling of well-being and even relaxation, secondly, according to pulmonologist and sleep physician at ABS, Jessica Policy, it contributes to leaving the user awake, connected and even anxious, which ultimately leads to deprivation of Sleeps.

“Vape contains a higher amount of nicotine, which ultimately enhances the effects of the substance,” Jessica said.

According to the ABS, substances in smoke and inhaled vapors have inflammatory properties, capable of damaging the upper airways. This can lead to frequent coughing and contribute to the development of conditions such as RhinitisSinusitis and asthma. Furthermore, these effects can contribute to worsening snoring and obstructive sleep apnea, which is characterized by partial or complete blockage of the throat, causing breathing to stop for a short time.

“In addition to the effects of substances, it is common for patients with chemical dependence, whether on regular cigarettes or e-cigarettes, to wake up during the night to smoke,” Jessica said.

When sleepless nights become frequent, other problems eventually arise. Among them, the pulmonologist highlights difficulty concentrating, increased irritability and even worsening of conditions such as anxiety and stress. depressionEspecially in patients susceptible to these disorders.

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“Sleep deprivation is also linked to cardiovascular problems, such as high blood pressure and heart failure. Therefore, ensuring good quality sleep is important for both physical and mental health,” Jessica concludes.