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The message was not understood and I am to blame.”

The message was not understood and I am to blame.”



Statements by Sergio Conceicao, the blue and white coach, after FC Porto Santa Clara (2-1), a match tied to the 28th round of the Bowen League.

analysis: “As we come to the end of the championship, teams are fighting fiercely for points. For Santa Clara, every game is more important, for those of us who fight for different goals. We could have had one or two more goals in the first half. In the first half, it wasn’t The message is understandable and it was the fault, not the players. I didn’t know how to give the team what it needed. We had the second half below and the opponents come here without a hitch which is normal for a match in the last stage of the tournament. Congratulations to the players, today I didn’t read the match well.” .

What was that message? “The players know.”

Was the rush to blame? “We lacked acumen, we lacked quick play and not in a hurry, in the sense that more patience was needed when passing the ball. All the attacks were very fast, against a team that defended to the fullest and tried not to suffer first. More patients, less patience Like the one we showed in the second part, which goes against the message I was saying. We managed to find spaces inside and that’s evidence that something wasn’t right. He deserves to win, what he has happened recently, with less luster and more efficiency.”

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Substitute Eustáquio for Evanilson on 56 minutes: “It was a personal issue, nothing to do with the game. I took the opportunity to send him a hug, the whole group with him in this fight, not just for the sport but with the family.”

Address accounts: “I used to say the math is at the end. We’ve reduced the distance, that’s right, but we have to continue on this path, the math is at the end.”