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The Metaverse could revolutionize the world of sports and science - Jornal da USP

The Metaverse could revolutionize the world of sports and science – Jornal da USP

The professor predicts a true parallel reality implemented by electronic games, which will pollute sports science in the next two years.

In this edition of the column science and sportsProfessor Paulo Santiago discusses the potential effects of the so-called “metaverse” on sports science. Contrary to those who do not believe in the new wave, Santiago sees all areas, especially gaming, being affected by the new technologies that will come full of metaverses in the next couple of years. To better address the topic, the professor refers to two articles, What does metaverse mean for sports? e The inevitability of the Metaverse and what you will do, which explains how the metaverse could revolutionize sports.

From gaming platforms to a true virtual sports experience, the professor says there is “one small step”. Soon, science, scientists, and mathematical experiments should embrace the tools of the metaverse, Santiago predicts, noting that researchers in the region should turn to the platform, where public interest in modernity is growing. After Mark Zuckerberg announced the Metaverse, three articles have already been published on the site. PubMed On how to improve the platform in training, bring in new knowledge and how to position yourself in the metaverse. From now on, more mathematical science research related to the Metaverse will be developed,” he expects.

Around the world of esports, Professor Santiago believes in the expressive benefits, with the potential to gain the same level of importance as traditional sports. The world of sports, according to the professor, will come closer to the reality presented in the film Player 1, written by Steven Spielberg, where people create avatars and compete in online tournaments for virtual prizes.

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