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The minimum wage should rise to approximately €705.  Unions are asking for more

The minimum wage should rise to approximately €705. Unions are asking for more

aNegotiations are not over yet, but the national minimum wage should be Approximately 705 euros, according to advanced news, this Thursday, by Business Magazine. However, this proposal falls short of the unions’ demands.

In any case, the increase to this value will be the largest nominal rise for SMN since 1993, and in real terms, the highest in 10 years, the same newspaper wrote. Currently, remember that the minimum wage in Portugal is 665 euros.

It is also worth noting that the government’s commitment is for the minimum wage to reach the ‘level’ of 750 euros in 2023.

Unions are asking for more

The Secretary-General of the UGT, Carlos Silva, defended this month, that the socialist government is obligated to increase wages and proposed that the SMN rise to 1,000 euros by 2028. The UGT approved its proposal for a claim policy for 2022, which provides for a salary increase of at least 50 euros for all workers in 2022 and establishes a national minimum for wages in 715 EUR.

The CGTP has already stated that it will demand wage increases of €90 for all workers in 2022 and establish a national minimum wage in 850 eurosValues ​​that will serve as guidance for unions in collective contracting.

The annual general collective bargaining between the government and the public administration associations begins on October 4, One week before submitting the state budget proposal for 2022 (OE2022) There is no parliament.

PCP wants minimum wage at €850 (and says there’s no room for further delay)

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Hey PCP He again proposed raising the minimum wage to 850 euros He warned, on Wednesday, that “there will be no opening to deferment” until 2022 for proposals registered with this year’s Evaluation Office and that the government must decide how it intends to “handle” the discussion.

At the conclusion of a meeting with the Secretary-General of the General Confederation of Portuguese Workers, Isabel Camarinha, about the list of demands, namely, an increase in the minimum wage and the fight against vulnerability, the representative said: “There will be no opening to accept a postponement until 2022 than what was recorded for its implementation in 2021.”.

The government is expected to present to Parliament the proposed state budget for 2022 on October 11.

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