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The Minister of Finance guarantees a reduction in fuel prices in the coming weeks – community

The Minister of Finance guarantees a reduction in fuel prices in the coming weeks – community

Finance Minister Fernando Medina confirmed, on Saturday, at the conclusion of the meeting of European Union finance ministers in Stockholm, in the Swedish Presidency of the Council, He added that “there will be a decrease in fuel prices in the coming weeks.” “What will happen in terms of the evolution of fuel prices in the coming weeks, is that there will be a decline in fuel prices, and therefore these prices will continue to fall,” spurring a “low support” by part of the executive, Finance Minister Fernando Medina said.

Fernando Medina also mentioned that prices are currently lower than they were before the war in Ukraine. “We have to put resources where it is necessary to put them,” he added.

However, this modernization will be carried out “always in such a way that prices, in this case, continue to fall, although they are a little lower than they can go,” said Fernando Medina.

In response to a question about the development of fuel prices, the minister affirmed that the authority “always evaluates the path,” so this will be taken into account in the face of the increase in the markets.

“We are monitoring the situation. We have to focus every moment on support in those areas that are becoming more important,” concluded Fernando Medina.

When asked about the privatization of TAP, Fernando Medina said that “the company has great intrinsic value” and that “one cannot confuse isolated businesses, of course some are less important and others are very important.” […]This cannot be confused with what process has to do with the intrinsic value of TAP”

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With regard to the opinion of the Recovery and Resilience Plan Monitoring Committee, the Minister of Finance stated that it has become public since February and that it contains information about inspections that were to be carried out and which have already been carried out.

He emphasized that “the opinion has a set of recommendations that are being applied and are continuing.”

According to Fernando Medina, TAP “has value from an economic and financial point of view, it has strategic value as an asset for the country and from the point of view of communication with the diaspora, African countries, Latin America and the United States”.

The post comes a day after he became aware of the dismissal of Joao Galamba’s deputy, Frederico Pinheiro, for his “behavior inconsistent with duties and responsibilities,” and his accusations against the Minister of Infrastructure, which the government official categorically denied, and which sought to delete the information to the investigative committee of the TAP news agency.

Regarding Ukraine’s financing, Fernando Medina acknowledged that the significance of this Saturday’s meeting is that there is plenty of time to prepare the support sequence for Ukraine. “We are with the Ukrainian people” and “Europe continues to support Ukraine,” were the messages left by Fernando Medina.