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The Minister of Health called on hospitals to tighten the use of temporary workers

Concern about the use of temps: Health Minister Ingeveld Kjerkoll (AP) is asking health institutions to limit the use of temps as much as possible.

Health Minister Ingeveld Kirkull (AP) is concerned about the large use of wage labor in health institutions. It is now asking hospitals to limit the use of temporary agencies.


On Tuesday, the Minister of Health will deliver the hospital’s annual address, and chair the meeting of the joint foundation of all health districts.

There they will receive a clear message to stop using temp agencies as much as possible, he writes The daily newspaper.

– I am tasking health care organizations with a critical review of staffing, clearly anticipating staffing reduction. We see a development that worries us. We depend on having good staff in the health service in the years to come, and we depend on maintaining our professionals, says Kirkull.

Exceptions to the rule

The Minister of Health believes that the situation of the health service in Norway indicates that they should have an exception to the employment rule, in order to be able to operate responsibly throughout the country.

Many trade unions strongly opposed the government’s decision last year to make an exception for health services, but Kjerkole’s austerity was nonetheless approved by union leader Mette Nord.

Nord says she’s very happy with the tightening and clarifying that’s being done now.

– You say that it is important that we provide full permanent staff in our hospitals.