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The Minister of Health will move forward with the review of INEM – Health

The Minister of Health will move forward with the review of INEM – Health

The information was provided by Luis Márquez Méndez in his weekly commentary on SIC. The review will target the administrative and financial areas.

The Minister of Health, Ana Paula Martins, will present INEM's administrative and financial audit (National Institute for Medical Emergencies), revealed this Sunday, June 2, Márquez Méndez, in his regular weekly intervention on SIC. According to the commentator, this is the first time that INEM has been the target of an audit of this kind.

INEM is responsible for coordinating the work of the Integrated Emergency Medical System, in order to ensure the rapid and correct provision of health care to victims of accidents or victims of sudden illnesses, and is currently led by Luis Mira, who was reappointed to this position in August 2023. by the then Minister of Health Manuel Pizarro.

Luis Mira took over as Chairman of the Board of Directors of INEM for the first time in 2015. He graduated in medicine, specializing in anesthesiology, and has been a hospital assistant on the INEM staff since 2000.

On May 22, the president of the Union of Prehospital Emergency Technicians (STEPH), Rui Lázaro, appealed to the Council of the Republic to investigate the management of the National Institute for Medical Emergencies, which he considered “Harmful to say the least.”

Rui Lázaro submitted this request to the Parliamentary Health Committee, where it was heard at the request of the Public Security Directorate. The union leader warned at the time Shortage of emergency technicians in hospitals This, according to him, was reflected in the cessation of ambulances and the decrease in the provision of emergency medical care throughout the country.

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In his intervention, reported by Lusa, Rui Lazaro said that he had “no evidence or any data” that might lead him to believe that there might be “collusion on behalf of anyone.” What is happening at INEM is therefore “malicious management to say the least”. “It can only happen, because all our money is being wasted with the kind of administration that we already criticized at the time when we were having talks — which we stopped because he didn't want to — with the president of the United States.” Enem [Luís Meira]He added: “Who never knew how to answer us.”

Rui Lazaro asked the Council of the Republic to investigate INEM, and it appears that the Minister of Health will now fulfill his request.